During the cold season, having a fireplace is a convenient way to provide supplemental heat for your home. Few homeowners invest in the necessary fireplace tools and accessories. However, these tools help manage the fire and keep the fireplace in good condition. Here is a list of tools to have for your fireplace.

Fireplace Tools: Fireplace Poker

A fireplace poker, also known as a stoker, is an essential tool. It is an iron rod for shifting and moving logs. It also helps you rearrange coals and other burning materials to stoke the fire.

Some fireplace pokers have insulated handles. They are available in different lengths, though most people prefer a long poker for managing logs while staying a safe distance from the fire.


A shovel is one of the must-have fireplace tools. It allows you to handle the ash around your fireplace safely. The ash remains hot for a long time, even after putting out the fire. The fireplace shovel helps you remove the ash safely and keep your fireplace clean.

Fireplace Tools: Fireplace Brush

A fireplace brush is to sweep the ashes around your fireplace and hearth. Additionally, when cleaning the fireplace, this is a handy accessory.

After scooping the ashes with a shovel, sweep the area with a brush. When choosing a fireplace brush, consider the width and shape of the tool. The brushes can either be round or elongated. A small round brush is ideal for reaching the corners of the fireplace.

Ash Buckets are Must-Have Fireplace Tools

While a shovel and brush are essential for cleaning your fireplace, it is important to have an ash bucket to safely contain ashes. After the fire has cooled, gather the ash and coal, and deposit them in a metal ash bucket.

Purchase a bucket with a sturdy, insulated handle. When cleaning out the fireplace, do not remove all of the ash. Leave at least an inch of ash to build your next fire.

Fireplace Tools: Fireplace Screen

One of the essential fireplace accessories is a fireplace screen. A fireplace screen won’t be necessary if you have glass fireplace doors. The screen prevents the fire’s embers and ash from damaging your furniture or any nearby items and causing a fire.

Additionally, a fireplace screen helps protect the floor in front of the hearth from being damaged by coals and other debris. When shopping for fireplace screens, you’ll find many attractive options to boost safety and improve the aesthetics of your fireplace.


The fireplace grate, or andirons, is another essential fireplace accessory. Grates are usually cast iron or steel, supporting the logs while they burn. Andirons are support bars installed parallel to the sides of the fireplace to hold the logs.

If you have a fireplace, invest in a few tools and accessories for building and maintaining your fire. While buying all these tools and accessories can be costly, they help you manage the flames and stay safe around the fireplace.

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