Saving Money on Heating Bills

Without good heating, winter will be cold and unbearable. However, cranking up the thermostat will increase your energy bills. Fortunately, there are easy methods that will make heating your home more cost-effective. Here are some ways to heat your home efficiently.

Radiator Reflectors

Radiator reflectors will help heat your home efficiently by directing heat where it’s needed most. A thin, reflective sheet adheres to the back of your radiator that reflects heat back into your home and prevents it from being absorbed into the wall behind the radiator.

Heat Your Home Efficiently by Letting in the Sunshine

Improve your energy-saving efforts by opening your curtains and using the sun to heat your home. Keep your curtains open on sunny days and when the sun is in the right position. Once the sun has faded from view, and at night, close the curtains, which will then act as an extra layer of insulation.

Bleed Your Radiator to Heat Your Home Efficiently

If you find that your entire radiator isn’t getting hot, it’s likely because air is trapped inside. This reduces its heating efficiency and causes you to pay more for less heat.

You will need to bleed the radiator to get the air out so that it will heat properly. First, turn off the heat to the radiator. Next, use a radiator valve key to open the valve at the top of the radiator. You will hear air escaping. Keep the valve open until water begins to come out. Have a towel handy to clean up the water that escapes. Your radiator should be free of air.

Make sure to give your radiator a quick inspection beforehand. For instance, if you see water pooling beneath your radiator, it might be leaking.

Replace Your Air Filter

It’s important to replace your HVAC filter every few months. A dirty filter impedes your home’s ventilation, which in turn prevents heat from efficiently warming your home. Replacing it regularly not only lowers your energy bill but will keep your HVAC equipment in proper working condition. Fresh filters will also keep your air clean, reducing the number of allergens in your home.

Heat Your Home Efficiently by Insulating Your Basement

Properly insulating your basement walls and foundation will help heat your home efficiently by eliminating areas of heat loss.

Wear Warm Clothes

Wearing warm clothes is a simple way to lower your heating bill while staying comfortable. Put on a hat, a cozy sweater and pants, and put on some thick socks to keep your feet warm. Wear layers just in case you start to warm up and need to cool down a bit. When you dress appropriately for the weather, you can turn your thermostat down a few degrees and never know the difference.

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