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“We Inspect The house, you make it the home”


Recommendation From Christopher A. Kent, P.A.

MH, Leasburg, February, ’17

“Mr. Connelly performed a thorough inspection of the property and was very professional as well as cordial to communicate with.  I was totally satisfied and would definitely recommend his company for any future needs.”

PB, Durham, November, ’16

Mr. Connelly was fantastic.  Incredibly thorough job, very accessible post-inspection to ask questions about the work he did and what he saw.  Tremendous job, I would highly recommend Mr. Connelly to inspect your house.”

GF, August, ’16

“Very happy with the inspector, service, and quality of work!  I will definitely be recommending him more!!”

TH, July, ’16

“Until now I had grown to have a poor opinion of home inspections.  I have never had results that made the effort and cost worthwhile.  My experience with Jim has completely changed my mind.  He has been extremely helpful and honest.  His ethical behavior seems beyond reproach.  I am so grateful to have had his assistance and that he gave us an honest report.  I will recommend him without hesitation to anyone I know purchasing a new home.  He is 100% a good guy and I’m very glad I’ve gotten to know and trust him.”

Ed, July, ’16

“Jim Connelly is outstanding.  He possesses all the right traits we were looking for in an inspector.  He was very thorough, knowledgeable, responsive and he took the time to explain critical observations and findings before documenting them in his detailed report we received the same day.  I would highly recommend him.”

Tim Bollinger                                                                                                                     Independent Graphic Design Professional                                                                          “If you need something done, Jim is the person to hire.  He has the management skills.  His management and technical knowledge makes him the perfect person to manager people as well as having the knowledge to lead a team through difficult diagnosis and repair of major vehicles.  In addition, Jim has the financial knowledge to provide quality customer service on a lean budget.  I would hire Jim without having any second thoughts.  He is the person everyone goes to for the answer.  I highly recommend Jim.”

Jeffery Belanger                                                                                                                    Recreational Vehicle Sales and Marketing                                                              ” Loved working alongside James.  He is honest, well spoken, and well informed about the RV products he represents.  He also brings a ton of personal camping experience to the table as a  motor home owner and user himself.  All around James is a good person to work along side of.”

Cedric Jackson                                                                                                                      RV Parts & Sales                                                                                                            ” Jim and I were good co-workers together.  He is very knowledgeable about the service and sales side of the RV world.  I would recommend him to any and all persons needing expertise!!”

  • Treyburn Residential Owners Association Board; Chairperson Modification Committee
  • Member of InterNACHI
  • The Home Inspection Training Center, Burlington, NC; Home Inspection Training
  • NC State University, Studies in Engineering
  • Durham Technical Community College, AS in Automotive Technology
  • Northern High School, Class of ’71
  • Gulf Oil Corporation President’s Honor Council for Excellence,  1977
  • ASE Master Certified Automotive Technician
  • IGONC Board Member (Past)
Jim Connelly, Inspector
Jim Connelly, Inspector

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