We tend to take water for granted, however, there are good reasons you should use less water at home. Water is a finite resource, so it helps the environment to conserve water when you can. You’ll also reduce your water bill when you use less water. Follow these 4 tips to effectively save water at home.

Install Aerated Fixtures to Save Water at Home

One of the easiest ways to save water at home is to install aerated water faucets and showerheads. Look for the WaterSense logo on the package, which means that it is an EPA-certified low-flow product.

These fixtures push air through the water stream which gives you strong water pressure while also using less water. Once you have installed them, you will save water without having to adjust any of your habits. WaterSense toilets are also available and will save you gallons of water with each flush.

Run Full Loads in the Dishwasher and the Washing Machine

When it comes to dishwashers and washing machines, you’ll always save water at home with newer ENERGY STAR models. You’ll also use less water by running your dishwasher as opposed to handwashing dishes. Keep in mind that both of these appliances work most efficiently when you only run them on full loads. Running several small loads will use much more water.

Don’t Leave the Faucet Running

Personal hygiene can waste a lot of water, but it doesn’t have to. Many of us let the faucet run during activities like shaving and brushing our teeth. By simply turning off the faucet when it doesn’t need to be running, you can save several gallons of water per day. You’ll notice a difference in your water bill.

Save Water at Home by Watering Plants Efficiently

There are many ways you can save water when watering plants. The time of day that you water your garden matters. If you water during the hottest part of the day, the water will evaporate quickly and you’ll have to water plants more often to make them thrive.

Water your garden during the morning before it gets hot so that the soil has time to absorb the water. Another way to save water at home is by attaching rain barrels to gutter downspouts. You can then use the collected rainfall for watering the garden and lawn.

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