When you have a backyard pool on your property, you look forward to summertime swims and entertaining friends and family. If you think that your pool area could use some attention, consider making some of these impactful pool upgrades. Your whole family will want to spend more time outside and you’ll enjoy the results all season long.

Underwater Lighting for Pool Upgrades

It is important to have a well-lit pool area for safety, including at least one underwater light. Instead of just a basic white light underwater, have some fun with colors. There are coverings for underwater lights that let you change the color or even fade from color to color. If you only have one underwater pool light, add extra lights to illuminate more of the pool.

Stone Decking

A stone pool patio gives an upscale look to your pool area and is durable in all weather. If you have wooden decking around your pool, replace it with stone. Stone generally has better traction and is less slippery than wood, so it also makes the pool area safer. Also, stone doesn’t need maintenance while wood decking will need to be resealed every year or so.

Rock Face Waterfall

One feature to make your pool truly stunning is a rock face waterfall. This is a more expensive project for pool owners, so you’ll need a decent budget to hire skilled professionals to complete this project. Look for a company that will design and build the rock wall, waterfall, and plumbing from start to finish.

Add a Projector or TV

Make your pool area double as an outdoor theater. Add a mounted TV or projector to a covered area near the pool. You can watch sports games and movies while lounging in the pool. Complete the theater by installing some permanent lounge seating in the shallow end of the pool.

Pool Upgrades for Built-In Speakers

Built-in speakers are a great addition to a pool area whether you’ve added a theater or not. If you are replacing your decking with stone, you can have speakers built into some of the stone materials for a seamless look. Underwater speakers are also a great feature. Your guests will love that they can still listen to music when swimming underwater.

There are many benefits to having a backyard pool, but you’ll enjoy it even more after making some stylish and fun upgrades. You’ll feel like you’re always on vacation once you make your swimming pool a more comfortable place.

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