If you’re purchasing a newly built home, you probably expect it to be in great condition. After all, there have been no previous owners, so there will be no wear and tear on materials or appliances. However, even brand new homes can have problems. Before closing on the purchase, order a home inspection on new construction to better understand the condition of your investment.

An Inspection on New Construction Offers a Professional Assessment

When the build is complete, local code inspectors will take a look at the property to make sure it meets city or county building codes. The code inspector is there to verify the build meets minimum requirements. He or she will not do a complete examination of all systems and components of the home. Hire a home inspector to take a thorough look at every aspect of the newly-built house.

A professional inspector is well-trained and knows what to look for. He or she understands signs of problems, defects, and safety concerns and will provide a report detailing his or her findings.

Find Flaws and Safety Issues

When choosing to build a home, you probably hired a company with positive reviews and great recommendations. While you may trust your builder to do a great job, he or she cannot possibly supervise every aspect of the build. The contractor will hire subcontractors who, in turn, hire teams of employees to complete the work. The new construction will be completed by framers, plumbers, roofers, electricians, painters, and the floor installation crew. With that many people on the job, it’s difficult to monitor everyone all the time.

The inspector will examine the building, looking for defective materials and shoddy workmanship. Your home inspector will also make note of any safety issues. Electrical outlets that aren’t grounded, loose handrails, or reversed faucet handles are some issues commonly found in newly constructed homes.

Save Money With an Inspection on New Construction

When you order an inspection of your newly constructed house, the builder can be held responsible for repairs. With the information provided in the inspection report, you will be able to discuss problems that need to be remedied with the builder. Having the builder take care of issues means savings for you. You won’t have to pay for roof repairs or hire someone to fix grading and drainage issues after closing if you’ve already addressed it with the builder.

Prepare for a Future Sale

If you’re preparing to move into a new home, you probably aren’t already planning to sell it soon. However, there may come a day when you need to relocate for a new job or when your growing family requires a bigger home. When you list your home for sale, your buyer will certainly order a home inspection. You’ll be responsible for any repairs, even those dating back to the original construction. By having a home inspection on new construction, you’re made aware of any problems and repairs can be made.

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