Grilling is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with friends and family. But using a grill can be hazardous if you don’t heed safety recommendations. Taking simple steps will ensure an enjoyable grilling experience without accidents or injuries. Here are key tips for grill safety so you can enjoy your cookouts with peace of mind.

Food Safety is Grill Safety

Food safety is part of any safe cookout. Make sure you choose safe-to-eat ingredients and keep raw meats away from cooked items. Also, ensure the food prep and grilling surfaces are clean before use; bacteria can grow quickly in a warm environment. Check the internal temperatures of meats with a food-rated thermometer, and never leave food out in the open for long.

Position Your Grill Safely

To keep your grill safe, position it in the right spot. The grill should not be placed near structures (including the house and outbuildings) or combustible materials; this includes overhanging branches, patio umbrellas, and tarps. If possible, set up the grill on concrete or other non-flammable surface.

Use Protective Gear

Before turning on the flame, have cooking utensils and gear nearby. You’ll want an oven mitt and long, heat-resistant utensils to keep a safe distance from the fire. It’s a good idea to wear closed-toe shoes and well-fitted clothing to protect your skin as you grill.

Check the Gas Lines

When using a gas grill, check the fuel lines and verify the connections are secure. Verify hoses for propane tanks are in good condition, check them for leaks, and never use a gas tank that shows signs of damage.

Keep an Eye on the Flames

Once the grill is heated up, keep an eye on it and keep the flames manageable. If you notice bursts of flame or grease has caught fire under the grill grates, extinguish the flames quickly. Keep a spray bottle with water nearby to put out flare-ups before they get out of hand.

Grill Safety: Never Leave the Grill Unattended

Under no circumstances should you ever leave a hot grill unattended, even for a few minutes. A flare-up or malfunction can happen at any moment, and an adult needs to be present to manage the situation. Have someone always attend the grill, especially if kids are around. Teach children to keep a safe distance from the grilling area to avoid accidents and injuries.

Keep the Grill Clean

Keep the grill clean and free of debris. Grease accumulates over time and causes flare-ups if not cleaned regularly. Burning food particles contribute to a fire risk, and ruin the taste of your meal, so clean your cooking surface between uses.

Grill safety is essential for anyone who wants to enjoy a backyard cookout without worry. These tips will help you have an enjoyable and safe cookout experience this summer. For peace of mind, read the safety instructions for your specific grill model before getting started.

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