Garage Storage Ideas to Help You Get Organized

Organizing is an easier project when you have the right equipment to get the job done. A garage is often used for storage, but without taking advantage of the full potential of the space. Here are a few garage storage ideas to help you create an organized and functional garage.

A smaller garage will benefit from adding shelving and using as much vertical and overhead space as possible. However, if you have a large garage, you can use a variety of storage methods, including installing free-standing shelves, mounting wall cabinets, and creating a workspace.

Determine What You Need to Store

An organized garage begins with understanding your storage needs. Knowing what you need to store helps you choose the types of storage that will be most useful. Make a list of items that are currently kept there and think about belongings elsewhere in the house that you would like to store in the garage. You might keep out-of-season clothing, holiday decor, car-care products, cleaning supplies, and gardening equipment in the area.

Use Wall Space for Garage Storage

Vertical storage space is useful for organizing tools and sporting equipment. Install shelves and pegboard which allow you to quickly find items while keeping floor space clear. Wall-mounted cabinets are another option for convenient storage. Larger items like bikes, canoes, and kayaks can also be mounted to the wall.

For larger items such as weed whackers, rakes, shovels, and hedge clippers, use sturdy hooks that can support the weight of each item, and be sure to screw them into studs.

Use Stackable Bins

Stackable containers such as lidded bins and boxes increase the available storage space. Plastic totes keep contents safe from moisture and pests. They’re also excellent for quick retrieval of belongings, especially if they’re labeled. Use smaller storage containers to keep items like screws, nails, and bolts organized. You can also customize your shelves to accommodate the sizes and shapes of the storage containers you purchase.

Install Overhead Storage

Using overhead storage will maximize your garage’s capacity. Order a storage system to attach to the garage’s rafters or build one yourself. Choose a unit that’s large enough to accommodate luggage, storage bins, and pet carriers.

Getting creative with garage storage will help you make good use of the space and better organize your garage. Decide what items will be kept there and choose a few of the above options for garage storage.

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