Renovating a bathroom is a major undertaking, but with the right DIY strategies, it’s an opportunity to add style and increase your home’s value without breaking the bank. Whether you’re freshening up your space or preparing for resale, here are a few easy bathroom improvements.

Bathroom Update and Improvements You Can DIY

Install a Waterfall Showerhead

Elevate your daily shower from routine to luxurious with a waterfall showerhead. A waterfall showerhead produces a cascade of water, mimicking the sensation of standing under a natural waterfall. A new showerhead is an easy update that transforms the look and feel of your bathroom and helps conserve water. Shop for a showerhead with adjustable flow settings to save on your water bill while enjoying a spa-like experience every morning.

A Fresh Coat of Paint Goes a Long Way

Don’t underestimate the impact of color. Painting your bathroom walls with a fresh, vibrant color or a soothing pastel will dramatically alter the space’s ambient mood. Light colors make a room feel more expansive — great for smaller bathrooms — while darker, rich tones create a cozy vibe.

Add Comfort with Plush Bathmats

Pamper your feet as you step out of the shower. Besides preventing slips, quality plush bathmats offer a cozy softness underfoot after a shower or bath. They also play a role in the decor, introducing color and texture and tying the room together.

Luxurious Touches: High-End Cabinet Hardware

Attention to detail is key in design, and replacing ordinary cabinet handles and drawer pulls with chic, stylish options is an affordable way to achieve this look. High-end hardware can make a significant impact on the bathroom’s overall aesthetic. Before shopping for new pieces, measure the installation holes in your cabinets so you can purchase new handles, knobs, and pulls that fit.

Bathroom Improvements: Illuminate with Smart Bulbs

Good lighting is essential in a bathroom, and thanks to smart bulbs, you can easily control the brightness and tone to suit the space and your needs. Opt for cooler, brighter lighting for makeup application and grooming, and choose a warmer, dimmer setting for a relaxing bath ambiance.

DIY projects upgrade your bathroom’s functionality and enhance your enjoyment of your home. Each improvement helps transform your bathroom into a sanctuary. The bathroom is where you prepare for your word day and unwind in the evenings. Invest time into these DIY bathroom improvements to reward yourself with a space that energizes and relaxes you while adding value to your home.


Can I grow houseplants in the bathroom?

Yes. Some houseplants thrive in the humid and low-light conditions typically found in bathrooms. Ideal options include peace lilies, spider plants, ferns, pothos, and ZZ plants. These plants add greenery and visual appeal while purifying the air.

Are there eco-friendly options for updating bathroom fixtures and accessories?

Yes, there are eco-friendly options for updating your bathroom. Look for products made from sustainable materials such as bamboo or recycled glass. Install low-flow faucets, showerheads, and toilets to conserve water.

How can I create more storage space in a small bathroom without a major renovation?

Add shelves above the toilet or sink, use vertical space with tall cabinets or shelving units, and incorporate baskets or wall-mounted organizers to create storage space.

What are DIY-friendly projects for updating the bathroom vanity or countertop?

For a DIY approach to the bathroom vanity or countertop, paint or refinish the existing surfaces, replace hardware such as drawer pulls and knobs, and add a new backsplash using peel-and-stick tiles or adhesive decals.

How can I make the bathroom accessible for elderly or disabled individuals without major renovations?

To make the bathroom more accessible, add grab bars near the toilet and shower, install a handheld showerhead, and replace traditional faucets with lever-style handles. Keep pathways clear and free of obstacles for easy navigation.

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