You, The Home Buyer

Your home is the most important investment you will ever make.  This whole process is extremely stressful for you and your family.  You and your Realtor have already studied the market and many comparable properties.  Through that process you were able to decide on the value and desirability of the house.  Now is where I come in as a professional home inspector, it is my duty to assess the condition of the house and its systems.  All houses need something, and that creates an opportunity for you to learn about the house and make it “your home”.  It is very rare that a house has a defect so great that it would be advisable to walk away from it.

During the inspection, we will look at the many aspects of the house.  Starting with the roof and exterior condition and then moving on to the interior and the mechanical conditions.  While going through these different parts of your house, you will learn about how they work, both independently and as a whole.  You will also learn about routine maintenance items that go along with these systems.

“We Inspect The House, You Make It The Home”

St. James Home Services, Inc.

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